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I must admit I could be a bit of a hypochondriac, but I am generally in pretty good health, hence I seem to notice when something with my body feels not right. My left knee seems to be a bit odd.

- it hurts when I stand with my feet shoulder length apart and bend my waist backwards to stretch after doing sit ups. Of all places to hurt, why my left knee?

- when I try to squat, I place my palms on my knees and something in the left knee seems to twitch or pop weird.

- I can't remember if it started hurting before I fell on it pretty hard during DEMF :| I always seem to fall on my left knee. klutz!

- perhaps I should stop running and buy a pair of inline skates for lower impact.

mostly just a feeling of 'boo, body, work already.'

edit: while speaking of injuries, I nearly sprained my left ankle at DEMF because of a hole in the ground.

conclusion? I should never let myself out of the house if I intend to be drinking. I seem to hurt myself a lot that way... I don't even have to self-injure in an emo hissy fit! just get drunk! in jest, of course.


The coffee cup that has cooled down
a little is like a merry-go-round
It mimics our inertia

Let's kiss one more time, and
expose your secret
Beyond your tongue and mine,
there's the truth...

kiss twice, kiss me deadly,

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